Self-service analytics

EV: The easy, intuitive way to analyze OLAP data

  • Ad hoc and interactive
  • Flexible and intuitive
  • Online and secure

Cubus outperfom in action

How do companies use cubus outperform EV Analytics in day-to-day business? Here are just a few examples:

  • Management dashboards: Compelling dashboards provide executives with the latest insight into all important KPIs so that they can make fact-based decisions.
  • Real-time analytics: Business meetings take on a completely new dimension when PowerPoint slides are connected to live data.
  • Business analytics: The financial controlling department always has the lastest information at its fingertips and can provide senior executives with reliable information.
  • Sales and marketing analysis: Sales and marketing directors always know which products are selling best in which region, which marketing campaigns are the most effective, and who are their best customers.

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Every End is a New Beginning

In December 2012, Cubus signed an agreement with IBM to bring a new product to market. This new product is 100% compatible with the latest IBM Executive Viewer version and gives our EV technology a new home and fresh start.
  • An upgrade path for existing IBM Executive Viewer customers is available until the end of 2013.